Soup for inducing appetite with chicken, abalone and shark fin

This soup can nourish Yin, brighten the eyes, strengthen the spleen, induce appetite, and enhance absorption of nutrition. It can be a soup for the whole family to regulate and strengthen the body.


One chicken bones 640g

6 fresh small abalones

Frozen shark fins 160g

Chinese yam 20g

Lotus seeds 40g

3 slices of fresh ginger

Tangerine peel 12g

2 blocks of Chinese onion

Sesame oil to taste


Cut up the chicken, take away the skin and viscera, wash and put in boiled water for a short while;

Wash the bones and put in boiled water for a short while;

Wash the abalones;

Soak the tangerine peel in water until it is soft, and get rid of the pulp;

Defrost the frozen shark fins for later use;

Wash all other ingredients;

Put the chicken, bones and herbs into a pot with 15 bowls of water and boil for two hours. Then put the abalones and shark fins in and boil for another hour. Add some salt and sesame oil and done.


Shark fin can nourish Yin and strengthen the body, while abalone can nourish the liver and brighten the eyes. Putting them together in a soup can strengthen the body. As this soup tastes good and is precious, it is suitable for the whole family to enjoy it during the festivals.