This is a soup with good taste and suit for the whole family, and can increase our bodily resistance. It is especially good for those with insufficient Qi and blood, tiredness and malnutrition.


Yellow fish maw 80g

5 dried scallops

Chinese yam 40g

Yu Zhu 20g

one chicken

4 candied jujubes

tangerine peel 12g


Put the yellow fish maw in boiled water with ginger and Chinese onion for a short while; soak the tangerine peel in water until it is soft, and get rid of the pulp;

Unskin the chicken and get rid of the viscera; wash and put in boiled water for a short while;

Soak the dried scallops for a short while and wash all other ingredients;

Put all the ingredients into a pot with 15 bowls of water and boil for three hours. Add some salt and done.


The yellow fish maw is rich in gelatin, which has a function to nourish Yin and keep the face young. However, since it is full of gel, one should not consume too much. Otherwise, people with indigestion or poor appetite will feel uncomfortable in the stomach. This is soup can be consumed once a week, but people with flu or heavy dampness inside the body should avoid it.