This soup can nourish Yin and strengthen the spleen. People with insufficient stomach Yin, sores at the mouth, and dry stool should drink this often in the fall and winter.


Yellow fish maw 80g

2 ears of corn

shin of pork 320g

Chinese yam 40g

3 slices of fresh ginger


Put the yellow fish maw in boiled water for a short while with ginger and Chinese onion;

Put the shin of pork in boiled water for a short while; wash all other ingredients;

Put the corn, Chinese yam, shin of pork, and ginger into a pot with 12 bowls of water and boil for 30 minutes.

Put the yellow fish maw in and boil for one hour. Add some salt and done.


The price of yellow fish maw can be varied a lot. It is better to buy it at a reliable shop with a medium price. It tastes good and can always be an ingredient in the soup.